User Research on production of contemporary art in Italy

How is art produced in Italy nowadays? I tried to map all the art production places in Italy and interviewed some of them. The interviewed places are divided in 3 groups: artist-run spaces, artist residency and no-profit spaces. Milan and Rome have high concentration of spaces, but many artists chose to open spaces in small villages around Italy.

The Interviews

The interviewed places are listed in the book with a special layout, each place has a color and unique images from their collection. Some examples:

The Case study

TILE project space is a no-profit space in Milan selected as a case study to improve with the development of a new communication plan

Customer journey

of stakeholders during the exhibition event. The exhibition opening is the focus as it involves everyone in different ways

New Editorial plan

This is a communication plan for the exhibition space. It is made to help them communicate on their platforms the right type of content for their needs. As an example: In the green days post a storytelling content to create engagement. In the yellow days post about the event and share it live to save time. Document and in the pink days share your past exhibitions as archive for funds