Daily ceative process!

Streaming a personal creative process as often as possible

- 6 FEB 2019 -

Sharing a music video i made for Groove Squared DJ

- 18 NOV 2018 -

Lately been obsessed with specialvideo installations

- 17 NOV 2018 -

everyday getting more and more into nature/space videos and videomaking

- 16 NOV 2018 -

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Hunter S. Thompson. From translucent sea cucumbers to chimeras and glowing shrimp, the ocean is definitely where the pro weirdos roam free.

- 15 NOV 2018 -

This Facebook group is full of wonderful inspirations, but THIS PHOTO talks about LOVE and love is what we need most in this hard time

- 14 NOV 2018 -

"To discover hidden gems you need nothing more than a pure look, an open mind and the desire to seek inspiration in places that others do not want or can not attend." Austin Kleon

- 13 NOV 2018 -

#1 working on a music video with beautiful elements

- 12 NOV 2018 -

#3 Monthy Python! Terry Gilliam you are incredible

#2 I created a newsletter, in order to collect nice contacts that want to talk about nice things. Not sure where to put this in my website, so, since i decided it today, i take it as another part of my creative process

Newsletter Subscription

#1 SIGNIFICANT OBJECTS Genious project by Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn, see video presentation and the project website. The "real trick" is the most interesting aspect, it is not so much that they gave higher value to a useless object, but rather that the useless object was an excuse to bring to light and spread stories that otherwise they will never have existed.

- 11 NOV 2018 -

#2 For creative content I will start with this genius video and wonderful song that is describing the process of a creative mind: a lot of mess and fear, but also a lot of fun ! thank you Agar Agar

#1 Today I start this new documentation process. "Show your work" by Austin Kleon book was illuminating, i decided to share it as it is my starting point, i also discovered there is an app that will help the process!