Personal stream of consiousness


27 May 2020

Today while listening to Led Zeppelin I realized we are close to 1970 as we are to 2070 and that Black Sabbath sound just right for me. I read a phrase that is really stuck in my head "write what you know", can't help to ask me what do I know?

15 May 2020

Future, at some point, will arrive. Always try to imagine the future. i tried with other young wonderful intelligent people. When something works you can see why u have been doing things. Not only talking about me but for all those who really did a great job in this project. But also do your thing. Be what you know.

26 April 2020

I am floating in my dreams more than in my home since i have small walls to walk around. So i feel many different emotions and it's intense. I think many people are experiencing the same. Though i don't believe that our life is going to change so much after the lockdown is over, i think this experience will be important to remember. Right now i imagine miself as a steady travelling car that is just going, no drama, no change of direction. Just trying to proceed unbothered (really hard tho because my mind bothers me so many times).

22 April 2020

I made a radio show for my friends of Fritto FM. I love this people they are super positive and always brilliant. They will never read this so i can write it here without sounding too sweet. Here is my first radio show that hopefully will be followed by many others.

8 April 2020

49 days of lockdown. Pretty intentse. Today i updated the website, this is a more fresh look, parallel to my current self. For the record, this is my old design. I like Bad Bunny now. This "blog" part of the website is my homage to the old internet, when at about nine years of age I discovered the existence of blogs and people with a high sense of humor. I have never written a blog and I remember that at the time I wanted a lot but I wasn't very capable of it (also I don't think I was allowed to do it). I think writing one now is an outlet for the 9-year-old me who is finally allowed to do it.. still i remember the freshness of the first blogs, when people were talking about what they had for luch or that they were woken up by a missed call. I guess then Facebook made all this trivial...but I miss those times, i guess because currently we are forced to speak to ourselves and we are bringing up many memories. Thought this would have been a way more painful process.I can only imagine how huge this blog would be if i filled with content every single day since its creation. The hardest thing is always consistency. While writing this i asked myself how many other people keep having an online blog. Over all the ones i found after a quick research this is the nicest. also this is a guide to make your own protective mask.

25 March 2020

like motocross lately.

So many things have changed. There is currently a pandemic. We are all locked in the house. We need to exercise thinking. For the ones that read me in the current times: You should Listen to real music. make peace with your demons. draw something, take a shower. eat well and with the right routine, breathe well. contemplate the universe together with those who did it before you. There are many things you don't know, you should find the ones that interest you.


3 December 2019

We are in the last month of 2019. In less than 30 days we will be entering the 20s of the new millenium. (composition by me)

Focusing my energy. (draws by me using paint)

27 November 2019

I consider this speech as one of a kind, it deeply changed my perspective and i lately have been thinking about it more and more

September 2019

Experimenting with internet. More of my videos here

6 February 2019

Sharing a music video i made for Groove Squared DJ. More of my videos here


18 November 2018

Lately been obsessed with special video installations

17 November 2018

everyday getting more and more into nature/space videos and videomaking

16 November 2018

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Hunter S. Thompson. From translucent sea cucumbers to chimeras and glowing shrimp, the ocean is definitely where the pro weirdos roam free.

15 November 2018

This Facebook group is full of wonderful inspirations, but THIS PHOTO talks about LOVE and love is what we need most in this hard time

14 November 2018

"To discover hidden gems you need nothing more than a pure look, an open mind and the desire to seek inspiration in places that others do not want or can not attend." Austin Kleon

13 November 2018

#1 working on a music video with beautiful elements

#2 I created a newsletter, in order to collect nice contacts that want to talk about nice things. Not sure where to put this in my website, so, since i decided it today, i take it as another part of my creative process

Newsletter Subscription

#1 SIGNIFICANT OBJECTS Genious project by Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn, see video presentation and the project website. The "real trick" is the most interesting aspect, it is not so much that they gave higher value to a useless object, but rather that the useless object was an excuse to bring to light and spread stories that otherwise they will never have existed.

11 November 2018

#2 For creative content I will start with this genius video and wonderful song that is describing the process of a creative mind: a lot of mess and fear, but also a lot of fun ! thank you Agar Agar

#1 Today I start this new documentation process. "Show your work" by Austin Kleon book was illuminating, i decided to share it as it is my starting point, i also discovered there is an app that will help the process!